Design Council of Valencia


Design Council of Valencia

Coordinated by the Design Foundation, the aim of the Consell del Disseny (Design Council) is to help the Valencian city council to build an increasingly friendly, accessible, green and forward-looking city. This pioneering consultative body in Spain was approved by the Local Government Board of València City Council in July 2022 and finally constituted in September of the same year, born in the heat of World Design Capital Valencia 2022 as one of its most significant legacy projects and becoming the first design council of a city council in our country.

Its members are: Silvana Andrés (visual artist and teacher), Carmen Baselga (interior architect and designer), Inés Novella (architect and urban planner), Kike Correcher (graphic designer and strategic consultant), Marisa Gallén (designer, president of the Associació València Capital del Disseny, National Design Award 2019), Xavier Giner (product design teacher), Yolanda Herráiz (designer, president of the Designers’ Association of the Valencian Community (ADCV)), Nacho Lavernia (designer, National Design Award 2012), Maite Palomares (architect), Irene Reig (designer), Ana Segovia (industrial designer), Jose Manuel Vidal (landscape architect).

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